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From Instagram to big data, from cruises to medical tourism: at Bit 2018, the hottest topics for tourism training


The Travel Agent Academy makes its debut, a format of 4 one-hour sessions that will take place on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 for a maximum of 300 Travel agencies in partnership with Costa Crociere and Visit USA.

  • The Travel Alliance is back between Bit and NoFrills with over 90 events divided into four areas: Training, Hot Topics, Big News, and Technology.
  • Institutional meetings will include the State-Regions conference and the Italian Meeting Industry Politicians Forum
  • Presentation of data and research including a CISET study on the 2018 inbound tourism.


Milan, 6 February 2018 – The tourism industry is experiencing a thrilling yet challenging season, for which professionals of this industry are required to have specific and always updated skills. However, there are times when training is not always an easy task: where’s the time to do it? How can I understand who is a qualified trainer? What are the hottest topics and the best courses?

Bit 2018, at fieramilanocity and MiCo from Sunday 11 to Tuesday 13 February, meets these operators’ needs, providing an incomparable training and information offering in three intense days, including presentations of data and research and high-level institutional meetings.


Travel Agent Academy: Bit pays special attention to Travel Agencies

This year, the Travel Agent Academy makes its debut to confirm the growing attention of Bit towards this crucial segment of the industry. Unlike other markets, in Italy, intermediation is still essential. Italian travellers keep referring to Travel Agents for tips and recommendations. Travel Agents need constant training and must be able to inform and involve, for example by making customers understand that the offerings reserved to Travel Agencies are often more convenient for them than those found online.

Aimed at a maximum of 300 Travel Agencies, selected for the quality and quantity of the services they offer, the Academy will involve a discussion format of 4 one-hour sessions on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13.

The Travel Agent Academy will also involve excellent small companies, which stand out for their customer satisfaction, and will provide high-level professional training to improve the performance – and consequently the margins – of their businesses. These training sessions will focus on new regulations, technological development, and technical training.

Costa Crociere will be enriching the Academy’s offering with CostaNext, Costa Crociere’s service for travel agents, with two of its leading courses: LAB Sales Techniques ‘Charismatic Sales’ and Facebook & Instagram LAB.


Institutional meetings and in-depth industry analyses

Bit 2018 has organised numerous conferences, meetups, and seminars for the themed areas. On Sunday 11 February, the Italian Meeting Industry Politicians Forum will focus on the conference and events sector. Institutional representatives and stakeholders will sit around the table to talk about the current situation and progress of this segment. The event is organised by Bit in partnership with Convention Bureau Italia and Federcongressi&eventi to support the conference and event industry with interventions, investments, and actions that can lead to economic, cultural, and social development in Italy.

The event will also be the stage for the State-Regions Conference, the highest tourism consultancy body between Italy’s government and local authorities.


Many events organised in partnership with the Italian Tourism Startup Association will be dedicated to innovation. The topics will range from tourism in the age of social media to the new role of digital guides, and perspectives of new technologies, such as blockchain.


The Travel Alliance events and themed areas

Travel Alliance is back. The event is organised by Bit and NoFrills who have supported research and selected the high-profile content for over 90 events divided into four areas: Training, Hot Topics, Big News, Technology.

It will be an opportunity to learn about ever-growing markets, such as cruises and medical tourism, and to attend seminars on relevant topics, such as insurance and the new European regulation. As for the trends, we recommend the area dedicated to food and wine, in line with 2018, the Year of Italian Food Around the World. The event will end on Monday 12 with the presentation of the research on the ‘Food & Wine tourism, a driver of regional promotion on a local and national level’, promoted by the Bit Observatory, and conducted by Magda Antonioli Corigliano, Coordinator of the Masters in Tourism Economics (MET) at the Bocconi University of Milan. And don’t forget to attend the presentation of the CISET 2018 research ‘Italia Boom!’ on Tuesday 13 February. The inbound tourism market outlook.


Professionalism, competencies and training are once again one of the great strengths of the Bit Revolution, with its new formula also strengthened this year by the return of dates in February to enable more effective planning for the season, and with a new exhibition layout designed for an even more streamlined and productive visiting experience.


Consult the full schedule on Bit 2018 website:



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