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  • The Travel Agent Academy makes its début, a format of 4 one-hour sessions on the trade days

of Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 February, for a maximum of 200 Travel Agencies by invitation

  • Within the context of Bit4Job, the Bit4Training programme will be offering seminars on

new professions and competencies, digital / social media, hospitality and business management



Milan, 15 December 2017 – The secret of growth in the travel sector lies increasingly in people and their competencies. And that’s why at Bit 2018, at Fiera Milano from Sunday 11 to Tuesday 13 February, training and jobs will occupy the starring roles. As well as a renewed focus on Bit4Job and on a schedule of meetings and workshops in collaboration with GiVi – the publisher of Guida Viaggi and About Hotel – which will be extended and renewed, the great novelty of this edition will be the Travel Agent Academy reserved for Travel Agencies, confirming the growing attention of Bit towards this crucial segment of the industry.


Aimed at a maximum of 200 Travel Agencies by invitation, selected for the quality and quantity of the services they offer, the Academy will involve a discussion format of 4 one-hour sessions  on the trade days of Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 to enable attendees to also visit the trade fair. The Travel Agent Academy will also involve small outstanding companies that are distinguished by their customer satisfaction, and will provide high-level professional training to improve the performance – and consequently the margins – of their businesses. These training sessions will particularly focus on new   regulations for 2018, technological development and technical training.


An increasingly productive Travel Alliance

In general, a full calendar of training and conference sessions will again be one of the strengths of Bit 2018, thanks also to the Travel Alliance with Givi, the expertise of which has assisted the researching and selection of high-profile content organised into four areas.


Training: technical content for Travel Agents and Hotels; Within this framework, on Monday 12 the focus will be on the 4 Ps of Coaching for the World of Hospitality, Person, Process, Potential and Performance, which produce new results by developing potential, while in Create a Winning Inbound Marketing Strategy  for Tourism, again on Monday, Inbound Marketing will be explored as a new technique focusing on the creation of relevant content and related good practices. The focus of Real Revenue, Numbers not Worlds, on the other hand, will be the theme of revenue management, a new discipline which, by creating awareness of the figures achieved, accelerates implementation processes.


Hot Topics: novelties with the ability to significantly change the market includeOnline Insurance, a meeting to be held on Monday 12, which will analyse where and how to take out a policy while illustrating the advantages of B2B integration; the crucial subject of ticketing will be explored, again on Monday, in NDC, the Status Quo of Air Ticket Distribution, with particular reference to the new IATA programme of New Distribution Capability. Regulatory issues will also be addressed in Guarantee Funds: Here Come the Penalties!, a seminar on the National Guarantee Fund governed by the Code on Tourism to understand how to comply with the regulations, to be held on Tuesday 13 at 1 PM.


Absolute novelties: events dedicated to the following season, from new itineraries to themed hotels (such as wine or gourmet hotels) and with a broad review of the novelties planned by tour operators in a busy schedule of 10-minute presentations; Of these, on Tuesday 13 the focus of Image of the Destination: from the Place to the Image of the Place will be how to select the points and values of a geographical area to also fully enhance one’s own business in the market.


Technology: innovative solutions to meet customer requirements – including, for example, Children Born in the Year 2000 Become Adults this Year (Sunday 11), to identify the first generation of all-digital Travel Agency customers, or Predictive Analysis, We Can Do It (Monday 12), an overall view of how and why Travel Agencies and Tour Operators can benefit from big data analysis to predict consumer behaviour. Another highly contemporary theme is Brand Reputation, Reviews, Web Crisis Management, a meeting scheduled for Tuesday 13 to analyse techniques for stimulating positive reviews and for managing negative ones.


The complete calendar of over 70 events that make up the schedule of meetings and workshops organized by GiVi and BIT – unique of its kind in terms of the wealth of topics covered and the high reputation of its panellists – will be available to view online on the Bit 2018 website from January.



Focus on professionalism with Bit4Training

Professionalism will also be the focus for Bit4Job, the “ideas magazine” dedicated to jobs that, as well as providing a targeted matching of job requests and offers with staff selection in the Bit4Recruiting area, will also – in the Bit4Training section – offer the chance to take part in high-profile training events with the main specialist tourism and hospitality schools. Participants will be able to choose from three broad subject areas: New Professions and Competencies in the Tourism and Hospitality sector; Opportunities Connected with Digital/Social Media; Hospitality and Business Management.


In the Professions and Competencies area, for example, on Monday 12 there will be a discussion of the New Professions in Tourism arising from the consolidation of new forms of travel in specific market niches, with Marina Ambrosecchio of the UET School in Milan; on the same day: Emerging Professions and the Competencies Required, following the evolution of tourism advertising in relation to new types of experiential, responsible and sustainable travel, withMaurizio Di Marco of the ACT – Creative Tourism Academy; or an in-depth Guide to Customer Loyalty through the human resources role of satisfaction and loyalty creation, held by Marcello Brunaldi of GP Studios.


Meetings in the digital/social media area will include an appointment with Paola Furlan of the WMT – Web Marketing Turistico Academy, who on Tuesday 13 will be presenting New Digital Tools for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, with particular discussion of innovative tools for anticipating new visitor flows or monitoring and creating loyalty among target consumers; and another called The New Frontier of Tourism is Digital with Giovanna Caria of GHM Hospitality Solutions on Monday 12, in which there will be a discussion of the “orange collars”, or rather new professional tourism opportunities in web and digital-related roles.


On Monday 12 the Hospitality/Management area will be offering a seminar with Michele Prete, of Ad Maiora Coaching & Training Studio on how to Return to the Basics of “Human” Communication in a World of Technology at any Cost and, specifically, on the importance of refocusing hotel training on the quality of interaction with guests; whileGiorgia Fiorani of HR Change will present How Professions are Evolving in Today’s Catering Market focusing on market trends, new professions and the profiles that are most sought-after by companies; and finally Giorgio Moglioni, of Revenue Academy, will be talking about revenue management, management systems that increase the earnings of facilities.


Professionalism, competencies and training are once again one of the great strengths of the Bit Revolution, with its new formula also strengthened this year by the return of dates in February to enable more effective planning for the season, and with a new exhibition layout designed for an even more streamlined and productive visiting experience.



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