News ▪ 8 February 2018

Veneto Region at Bit2018

As Bit2018 approaches, let’s meet an important exhibitor who will take part in the fair: the Veneto Region. Federico Caner, Councilor for Tourism and Promotional Activities for Veneto, gives us a preview of what we will discover better in the three days of Bit.

What are the trends of the tourist flows to Veneto?

Never have so many guests arrived to Veneto as in 2017!
After a record 2016 (with 17.8 million arrivals and 65.3 million admissions), the first estimates for 2017 show of a further growth of 5.1% of arrivals and 3.7% of presences, confirming once again the Veneto as the first tourist region of Italy.
In 2017 all the Veneto districts have shown an excellent tourist attraction: it is estimated a general growth of arrivals, and also the trend of the presences, ie the number of overnight stays, indicates an excellent performance of all the districts, with peaks of growth for the seaside area and the art cities.
If we analyze the provincial trend, we notice increases above the average arrivals in the provinces of Vicenza and Treviso, two beautiful territories but generally little explored by the large tourist flows: this is a sign that the promotional initiatives for the development of new forms of tourism that enhance the less known destinations of our beautiful Region, such as equestrian tourism and food and wine, are bearing fruit.

From the snow of Cortina to the magic of Venice, from the charm of Verona to the exhibitions in Treviso: what are the spots that most attracted tourists in 2017?

In 2017 all the Veneto areas have shown an excellent tourist attraction.
The seaside area, which has always been the spearhead of Veneto tourism, has marked the largest percentage increase on all other traditional destinations due to the number of overnight stays. This success also contributed to the realization during the summer months of the project “Social and inclusive tourism in the Veneto beaches” which envisaged the creation of an integrated network for the development and sustainability of inclusive socio-health tourism in all the coastal localities of the region and the increase in international tourism through the attraction of foreign people with disabilities. For me it is a matter of pride to note that the positive performance of our beaches, from an economic point of view and presence, combines an inclusive welcoming action that increases the quality of the receptive system and testifies the sensitivity and civilization of a territory, of its community and its operators.

What do you expect from the presence at Bit2018?

BIT represents for us an important meeting place between the rich Venetian tourist offer and the demand of international tourism operators: a great opportunity, therefore, for the promotion and marketing of our varied tourist offer.
Right in this important international showcase we decided to present a preview of our latest news on promotional marketing, the new tourism brand in the Veneto region. If you are curious to find out, the press conference will be held at our stand on Monday 12th at 13.30!

As a tourist board, do you have any news or special initiatives planned for 2018?

We have closed an exceptional 2017, and the goal for the current year is certainly to grow again in numbers, but above all in the quality of the offer. Which, translated into facts, means focusing on new products, such as equestrian tourism, religious paths, food and wine as well as on already consolidated offers such as cycling.
We are also working on a complete makeover of the regional tourism portal in which all the local IAT offices will be directly connected through a DMS (Destination Management System) that will allow to manage in a single database all the information related to the destinations of the territory. The website will become a central point for the collection and management of information from all over the region and, above all, will be constantly updated in real time: the visitor will find with just one click all information regarding not just a specific place / destination, but also events, exhibitions, festivals and exhibitions connected to it.

To discover all the news of the Veneto region we are waiting for you at Fieramilanocity from 11 to 13 February 2018.