News ▪ 6 January 2018

Convention Bureau Italia and the new MICE trends at Bit2018

Convention Bureau Italia develops business opportunities, promotes Italy as MICE destination, coordinates and represents the Italian offer and offers training spreading the culture of MICE industry.
But above all Convention Bureau Italia is the point of reference for all those who want to organize an event in Italy. Waiting to meet her at Bit2018, we get to know this board through the words of Carlotta Ferrari, President of Convention Bureau Italia.

Convention Bureau is an established reality in the world of organizing events and incentive proposals. How would you present this board to our readers?

Convention Bureau Italia is the gateway to destination Italy. We represent the point of reference for all those interested in organizing a business or incentive event in the Peninsula, but not only. On the one hand CBI offers concrete indications on the destination Italy and on the resources of its sector, on the other it puts in contact MICE demand and supply, through the interception of needs and the offer of tailor made solutions to support those organizing an event. CBI is also a collector of a network of B2B companies operating in the meeting industry, there are more than 1,400 entities that we represent and which give value and authority to our work. Our commitment is therefore to create the best context within which these companies can promote themselves, both nationally and internationally, as well as through the 15 activities of international importance that we have already confirmed for 2018.

The companies belonging to this network, in total 110 at the end of 2017, represent all the operators in the supply chain that move and attract globally the commercial flow of the tourism sector b2b: local CB, hotel facilities and hotels with a congress vocation, event agencies, incentive agencies, destination management companies and PCO, but also institutions, trade associations, regions and the ministerial tourism board, ENIT, which legitimized our mission, signing with us a memorandum of understanding in 2015.

The recognized and shared value of the National Convention Bureau among the players in the sector is undoubtedly the first and indisputable strong point of the organization. Together with the participation of an increasingly powerful and virtuous network of associates that enhances our work of coordination and promotion of the Italian MICE offer in the world.

What are the latest MICE trends detected by the Convention Bureau?
As for the latest trends in the sector, a significant fact that makes us enthusiastic because it gives further value to our mission, is the ever-increasing tendency of individual territorial realities to group together with other companies of the sector, with the aim of having more voice and recognition in the global reference market. Suffice it to think of recent training organizations such as the Rome and Lazio Convention Bureau, which was established with the desire to represent its territory and its excellences, precious realities to enrich and enhance, in the global market, the Italian MICE offer.

What will you present at Bit2018?

At BIT we present Italy and its coordinated offer for the meeting industry. We present Italy as a country of professionalism and great excellences, like the 110 members of our network, tracing the news and future trends of the national market, which we know are at the center of the needs of the international buyer. Unique realities, in architectural, social and cultural terms, such as La Nuvola Centro Congressi in Rome, the brand new FICO in Bologna, the entire destination in Milan, which thanks to Eventing Milan, will also be part of the CBI network from 2018. For this reason, we have defined an agreement with a special rate for the members of Convention Bureau Italy interested in confirming their participation in the Milan fair by the end of the year, but not only. We have also drawn up an agreement to also involve all the Members of the Members with limited exclusive rates, with the aim of representing at best the national MICE offer. We believe in synergy and cooperation with companies in the sector, so we choose to support BIT, because we believe it represents a strategic moment for the meeting between demand, in a strategic location in the heart of a city like Milan, whose MICE vocation is getting stronger and stronger every day.

Are you planning news or special initiatives for 2018?

Over 15 global activities have already been confirmed for the Italian promotion in 2018, the biggest news is the organization of a CBI event of international importance, unique in its kind. Italy at hand, an un-workshop b2b (unconventional), from 1 to 3 November 2018, which will see the participation of Suppliers and super buyers selected by CBI with 45 pre-arranged appointments, within a unique framework, in architectural and cultural terms, and logistic for easy accessibility, Bologna. An event born from the desire to present professional skills in a context of tradition and innovation. Another precious moment to combine supply and demand in a climate of international training and networking.

For further information on the meeting industry and on the Italian Convention Bureau, come to Bit2018 from 11 to 13 February.